Tomislav Plazonic

Tomislav Plazonic

full-stack web developer

I've been doing full-stack web development since 2014. I am experienced in relational database design and implementation, single-page application and API development, and devops.

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Work Experience

Restorepoint (

May 2021 — present

working on a Golang, SQLite, React TypeScript app

CrowdVision (

Apr 2021 — Apr 2022

implemented charts and other components as part of an Angular NodeJS app

Stridist (

Apr 2020 — Apr 2021

developed a web app with TypeScript, React, NodeJS, GraphQL, Relay, MaterialUI, Slate, PostgreSQL

Bluetel Solutions (

Mar 2019 — Feb 2020

worked on news websites using NextJS, GraphQL, CircleCI, Heroku,, Fastly, eZ, Solr, AWS (CloudFormation, DynamoDB)

Verse (

Jan — Feb 2019

implementing new design into TypeScript React components and NodeJS views and adding new GraphQL queries and resolvers (Graphene, Django)

AgriChain (

Apr — Aug 2018

test-driven development of an SPA (React) and a RESTful API (Django) for a grain supply chain web, mobile and blockchain startup


May 2017 — Mar 2018

system analysis, design and development of an SPA (AngularJS) and a RESTful API (Laravel) for a grain supply chain web and mobile startup

Beyondi (

May 2016 — Mar 2017

system analysis, design, development and deployment (LAMP, AngularJS, Lumen) of various business applications for Australian market

Aquicore (

Jul 2015 — Jan 2016

wrote e2e and unit tests, and fixed bugs for an AngularJS application

Paul Scherrer Institute

Aug — Oct 2014

developed an internal web analysis tool in AngularJS and D3.js (traineeship)

Technical Univ. of Kosice

Sept — Oct 2013

wrote Python scripts for products' data aggregation (web scraping), CSV file handling and automated website access and file upload (traineeship)

Personal Projects


a script for syncing liked tracks between and Spotify accounts

repo: /tomiplaz/lastfmheartspotify


abandoned LCC's web shop developed in TypeScript React

React SPA repo: /tomiplaz/lcc

blogs (

a simple blogging app developed to learn Angular

Angular SPA repo: /tomiplaz/ngblog

Lumen API repo: /tomiplaz/blog-api


a Python script that displays basic info about cryptocurrencies you own

repo: /tomiplaz/my-coins

yamb-v2 (

a yamb game web application developed in AngularJS and Laravel

repo: /tomiplaz/yamb-v2


a yamb game web application developed in JavaScript, jQuery and PHP

my very first personal project from 2014

Contact / Hire

E-mail: namedotsurnameatgmaildotcom

LinkedIn: /in/tomislav-plazonic-3b45261a3